SRP Subrogation Services

Delivering Legal Expertise for Case Resolution

SRP's team of attorneys and recovery specialists offers solutions nationwide to Third Party Administrators, Self-Funded Health Plans, Stop Loss Carriers, Fully Insured Health Plans, HMOs, and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Healthcare Subrogation Services Since 1993, SRP has focused on maximizing recoveries, generating client revenue, and providing superior legal support. SRP partners with client claim processes to investigate identified subrogation cases and recovery opportunities, consistently achieving a proven revenue stream for TPA's and health plans. SRP was among the early firms to assist health plans arguing for full reimbursement of their clients' interest that helped shape the healthcare subrogation industry.

Through years of experience, SRP simplifies the subrogation process and maximizes claim recoveries quickly and efficiently.

Healthcare Recovery Solutions

Pro-active Healthcare Subrogation Services ensure maximum recoveries


Outsourcing and Inventory Transfer

Transfer your Subrogation Inventory and improve your outcomes